The Important Role of CBCT Scanners in Dental Health

Finding a dental professional with a CBCT scanner in Northern Toronto can prove to be a difficult task. The technology is cutting-edge which means the equipment is very expensive. The lack of CBCT scanners also means that it can be difficult for dentists, periodontists and other dental professionals to receive comprehensive training on how to use the machines. There is no doubt that CBCT scanners are effective imaging tools which provide greater amounts of information than traditional x-ray machines, but there are currently very few dentists or periodontists in North Toronto with access to one of these machines.

Why are CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) machines important to the field of dentistry? Regular x-rays provide valuable information on the structure of teeth and bones in the jaw, but the information in the two-dimensional image is limited. A CBCT scanner is able to scan a smaller area very quickly and obtain a huge amount of information. This information is then used to construct comprehensive 3D images that are accurate representations of the teeth, bone and nerve passages.

What Applications Benefit from CBCT Scans?

For many common dental procedures, regular x-rays provide an adequate amount of information for diagnosing dental issues and producing treatment plans. CBCT scans provide high quality 3D images that allow dental professionals to more easily diagnose potential issues and provide an opportunity to provide even more precise treatment plans.

Periodontists stand to see the biggest improvements for treatment options with the help of a CBCT scanner due to the types of services they provide and the improved imaging that CBCT scans make possible. Do you have an impacted tooth? A CBCT scan can be instrumental in diagnosing the level of the impaction and planning an efficient surgical plan for extraction. Considering tooth implants? A CBCT scan provides valuable information on bone density in the jaw as well as potentially improving the accuracy of implant placement.

A single CBCT scan will take less than a minute to be performed and the huge amounts of data that are obtained can be used to construct a variety of different highly detailed views of the teeth, soft tissue and bone. Patients require no preparation prior to receiving a CBCT scan except for the removal of any jewelry which might interfere with the scan. Similar to regular dental x-rays or medical CT scans, CBCT scans are both painless and non-invasive.

The Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

Dr. Lloyd Hoffman is a periodontist with a state-of-the-art office located in Richmond Hill. The office provides a variety of periodontal services as well as cleaning treatments. Dr. Hoffman is proud to offer a periodontal office environment that is comfortable for patients while also offering access to cutting-edge technical equipment including a CBCT scanner.

With over 30 years of experience treating periodontal disease and expertly placing implants, Dr. Hoffman has the skills necessary to help patients as well as the bedside manner that helps patients of all ages feel relaxed and comfortable. Contact Dr. Hoffman for all of your periodontal and CBCT scanner needs in North Toronto today.